Devices fixed
1,862,911 kg
CO2 emissions prevented
193,090 kg
Waste prevented
Events held

Welcome to Restarters!

We are a global network of people who help others repair at community events.
Repair Skills (credit Mark Phillips)

Learn and share repair skills with others

Brush up on your repair skills with our repair wiki

Get or share repair advice on the forum

Follow your local community repair group

Organise community repair events

Get advice and support from other organisers

Manage your group and find volunteers

Publicise repair events and measure your impact

Restart Party (credit Mark Phillips)
Restart Crowd (credit Mark Phillips)

Bring down the barriers to repair

Keep up with the global Right to Repair movement

Document the barriers to repair

Analyse repair data

Need more?

Empower your network

If you co-ordinate a network of community repair groups, we also offer affordable, custom packages to make your work easier.

Give your groups access to event management and GDPR-compliant communication tools

Display your groups and events on your website automatically

Allow your volunteers to easily record repair data

Measure and track your network's overall impact

Custom-branding and localisation: use your logo and language

Help power the Right to Repair movement